Venetian Masks For Parties And Decorating

Venetian masks were first introduced in Venice, Italy and were used to celebrate carnivals and religious events. Made of fine leather, glass or even porcelain, the original styles were much simpler than they are today.

Over time they have become more and more ornate. Most of the current masks that are available are now made of materials such as paper mache’ and lightweight leather which are much lighter and easier to handle than the original historical materials. They are embellished with beads, gems and feathers to create unique, one-of-a-kind looks for any occasion.

They make excellent and unique accessories for masquerade balls. These masquerade masks will give the wearer a sense of anonymity even though most don’t cover the entire face. Select a color and style that will match what you are wearing for a dramatic entrance and a secret identity to be revealed at the end of the evening. You will feel your inhibitions fade as you approach and dance with other guests who are similarly masked.

Mardi Gras celebrations are also excellent events to wear these Venetian masks at. The festivities would not be complete without these face masks and strands of brilliant beads.

Halloween is also a suitable event to utilize these Venetian masks. If you are having a difficult time choosing a costume or just do not wish to dress up in full gear, these masks are the perfect solutions. Wear them with an elegant dress or tuxedo for a full and very dramatic effect.

After your event or party is over, hang your Venetian masks in a prominent place in your living room, family room, bedroom, hallway or bathroom. Groupings of three or four can be very eye catching if hung strategically. For an even more dramatic effect, mount two or three of the Venetian masks in a long shadow box and hang in strong lighting where they can be easily viewed.

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